Storage Calculator

Below is a comparison chart showing the capacities the different TMV are capable of storing. The figures in the chart are calculated according to the average size of the ripped media. 
CD's ripped in high quality 
FLAC format average size = 300MB

DVD's ripped average size = 6GB

Blu-Ray ripped average size = 20 to 40GB

Useable space with RAID storage

CD Capacity

DVD Capacity

Blu-Ray Capacity

4Tb unit

FLAC= 13,333


Blu-Ray's= 100-200

8Tb unit

FLAC= 26,666

DVD's= 1,333

Blu-Ray's= 200-400

20Tb unit

FLAC= 66,666

DVD's= 3,333

Blu-Ray's= 500-1000

40Tb unit

FLAC= 133,333

DVD's= 6,666

Blu-Ray's= 1000-2000

80Tb unit

FLAC= 266,666

DVD's= 13,333

Blu-Ray's= 2000-4000

160Tb unit

FLAC= 553,332

DVD's= 26,666

Blu-Ray's= 4000-8000



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