TBoX Media Vault (TMV)

The TMV is a reliable dedicated media server smart storage solution that has been specifically designed with the home user in mind, It is relatively easy to setup but we do recommend installation by your Smart home systems integrator, Home Cinema installer or Hi-Fi retailer.

With our optional add-on, the TMV has the ability to auto-rip and archive CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs automatically embedding ID tagging, metadata and artwork which is safely stored on its configured storage. Alternatively we offer a service where we convert and organize your disc collection for you which is better for locally purchased disks.

The TMV can then convert automatically all the media content into a format that can playback on any one of the following devices:

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  • TBoX HD players.
  • Xbox, PS3, Wii games consoles.
  • All Smart TV’s with built in media players.
  • Apple TV (jailbroken), Roku, DUNE HD or any other network media player/streamer.
  • Any DNLA compliant device.
  • Apple, Android or any current tablet type device such as iPad.
  • Home PCs and laptops.

It will also stream your music to players like SONOS, Russound, Squeezebox and other Network players.

The TMV can also be configured with a application to automatically download all your favorite TV shows in high definition quality and add to your player’s library and even notify you on your mobile, very popular with our clients.

TboX Media Servers come in either a freestanding case up to 20TB or a rack mounted version up to 160TB and beyond.


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Our highly skilled team of engineers has developed the TBoX range over the last 4 years. We constantly add new features and keep our hardware and software up to the latest versions to bring you the customer the best possible experience.

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